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3 REASONS to marry A FOREIGN LADY. Where to find a BRIDE FOR a HAPPY RELATIONSHIP | Matchmaking

Are you single, never married middle aged man? Are you sick and tired of emancipated liberal women around you and you can’t date anyone because they are either having children or they are more or age inappropriate or they are just married, and there are no women around you. Then considering international dating can be a good option for your future love story. Stay subscribed to my channel because i’m sharing useful tips about dating international dating and about different ways of creating your love story and making it unique and very special. My name is Natalia Koval. I’M an international matchmaker with 23 years of business experience owner of marriage by and having hundreds of happily married couples between ukrainian women and men from all over the world. So let’s talk about the positives of marrying a foreign woman number one. Women are very different from what you expect. They are just not possible to predict uh here’s. Why, when you are, for example, uh looking at the mobile apps dating locally, you can see the picture of a lady, and you can read her. You can tell who she is what she does and what type of relationship you can possibly have with her, and you don’t want a date, for example. But when you’re looking at the same picture of a lady uh from another country, you can’t say the same things because cultures are different, upbringing is different, social stigmas are different, everything is different, but you think you can – and you shouldn’t be like many of those guys Who are going uh for it and making a mistake thinking they can read the faces, much smarter and much safer, for you is hiring a professional matchmaker that you trust and rely on his or her expertise and date more appropriate women. Definitely you will discuss the beauty. You will discuss the looks and you have much higher chances to get the appropriate match this way, because you will save your time. You will save your money. You will save your emotions at the end of the day. Now, 25 of gentlemen are succeeding by choosing the pictures, but it’s only fourth part of all the volume. The rest 75 of the guys are missing it. You shouldn’t be there. You shouldn’t be in that group second reason for you to marry a foreigner. Women are very different all over the world. Exactly women from ukraine are different than women in china. Women in china are different than women in thailand or philippines or the dominican republic, and i will have to make a separate video. Yes, i can almost read in the comments yes natalie when i’m going to make a separate video about women all over the world, and i will. But what i want to emphasize is that dating a woman from a specific country is now possible, depending on your psychological type, depending on your life preferences, lifestyle, emotional type, your financial situation, your goals in life and then choosing the right country can really save you. A lot of time and get you the right prospect, for example, ukrainian women are very good at combining traditional family values and modern views on life. For example, i have couples that are happily married now for many years and the girl is turning the guy’s garden into a botanical garden, he’s bragging to all his friends about it, and she had a very high level job in kiev when she was living here. Another lady integrated all the family members of her husband. He was married four times before, and she made friends with all his ex-wives and everybody was welcome into their house and children were there and they had big family reunions. This is how women make it. For example, the third reason is that specifically slavic women, because yes, i’m ukrainian and i want to talk about slavic women, so specifically slavic women are very family, oriented, loyal and dedicated wives. We stick to our men. We remember that in good and bad times, like we say it in the wedding wows, we believe that once we choose the husband, unless he is really bad to us, unrest he’s really violent, really negative and kicks us out of the house, for whatever reason never happened, But we stick to the man uh. The man can lose the business. The woman will support him. A man can have difficult emotional times. The woman will support him examples of my families. I had a couple that is currently married for about 18 years, but they had really tough times because the man was having terrible times in his business. The woman was deeply depressed because of her health issues and they were divorcing. They were already preparing the papers for the divorce, they had a pre-nuptial agreement. They were sharing their property that bad. It was. Yes, she had a psychologist, he hired a psychologist himself, so they tried to make it up, but it wasn’t working and once the lady shared with me that her psychologist said but hey, you are deeply depressed. You can’t divorce when you’re depressed it’s it’s a wrong decision. You should heal yourself and then look at it with different eyes, and this is exactly what happened because the woman started taking the medicine and she recovered and they didn’t divorce, but they didn’t divorce. For another reason, the woman was talking to her psychologist and she said she realized that i was pronouncing my wedding vows saying in good and bad times and now bad times for both of us and we are not making the right decision. So i shouldn’t be divorcing. The guy and now they are again a happy couple. We continue being friends, we would be friends anyway, but uh they’re having a good life now another couple and it’s a really funny example: uh. The girl got married to a guy and they were married for two years and then she catches him scrolling paper letter website just looking at different women. She made a huge fuss about it, but with counseling and discussing the issue and coming to my personal consultation, it helped her realize what she can do different in her new family, so that the guy just stops looking at those websites and it worked. So the woman didn’t start a big quarrel and ran away from the guy. She was working on her relationship to make it last well. We all understand that every love story is different and just in case you haven’t heard any useful advice in this specific video. For yourself, please continue being subscribed to my channel and watch other videos, and you will definitely get something really cool you will like, and there is a description in this video and i’m referring you to the personal matchmaking assessment service, because if you are considering an international Life partner, then the best thing to start from is a matchmaker’s consultation, hire the service just for one hour and talk: ask your questions find out. If it’s really for you, maybe you need a different culture than ukraine. Maybe you need something else and with 23 years of business experience i can definitely give you valuable advice that will save your time and money and emotions to invest it in the right way. Thank you for watching my videos. Please make sure you hit the ring. The bell button uh so that you get announcements about the new ones and stay watching. Thank you.

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