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5 Things to know BEFORE marrying a Foreigner

Jeffy’S bonus work by the window and give this look up like what are you doing? It’S a genin dog, yes she’ll, be I’m married to a foreigner. I’M married to a foreigner too and being in an international marriage is fine yeah. We did a video. Last time. Click somewhere in here about 4 things to think about 3 marrying a foreigner, and this is the part that was promised to fun fact. Last day you was reported lesson week ago, when we were in Ghana, West Africa, visiting my parents, and now we are visiting my parents new baki in Japan yay. This is international marriage. We have five more things to talk about mm-hmm, starting with living in both countries. Before you get married in our case, we met in America in college. That’S fine, bye didn’t propose until you live in Japan, Fabien yeah about six six yeah yeah, you know to see if we both are able to leave what country mm-hmm it’s something as you don’t. Actually know whether you’ll enjoy living in a country or not until you do it and I’ve seen tons and tons of people who arrive fresh off the plane, thinking they’re gon na love, Japan, because it’s always been their dream to live here, yeah glad and they hate It so much. Ah, however, we do recognize that, for financial reasons, job reasons, visa reasons, it’s not always possible to live in another country before you get married, hmm, but at least travel there to show them your home, your culture and your people, such as this is who I am, And this is where I come from. We might come back and then live here. You know someday 100 % agree. It really all boils down to the fact that, if, for whatever reason, your future partner just can’t handle living in your country, are you okay not living there again? Mmm number two research visas extensively before you can’t marry just because you are married, doesn’t mean your visa magically appears, it’s not magic. It’S automatic um! This is important. Fun fact: that’s not actually great fun at all. Um, oh just Mary, doesn’t qualify you for a visa. In a lot of countries, some countries have minimum income requirements. You have to prove you’re, making this much money or you have to run it’s my body, language requirements or heaps and heaps of paperwork like even more paperwork than Japan. If you can imagine that as possible, we live in Japan, where it took about three months, a little bit of money and how many times you go by the immigration office yeah. So that was just because we messed up and we didn’t hire a lawyer because we had no money, um oops um, to get our visa, but we got it. I don’t. I have a visa that allows me to live here and work here in any field and there are countries that spousal visas don’t allow you to work. So, ah, you could get married and moves your partner’s country and not be able to have a job at all. I do know people that have been in for a nasty shock that they get married. Expecting you get this visa and then they don’t get a visa, and at this point they have kids and they’re doing this long-distance marriage flying every couple of years. Doing one of these says I need to marry done and a lot of them end up having to get divorced because you just after a point, you can’t do it anymore. Um, it’s my heart. I can’t the event. Maji research, visas suing down three talked about finances. Many many many different countries have different expectations for how you’re spending money, how you’re saving money? How you do your household budget, our countries are a little bit different, yeah yeah, it’s beautiful, get this boy! This is why I married you are really surprised by anything. My abs and my awesome muscles, mostly mostly when I gave you my paycheck yeah when we got married and he came home from work and he’s like here’s, my paycheck and I was much like okay um. What do you owe me to do with this uh, and that is how I learned that in Japan, usually, the wife is responsible for the household budget, and so the husband just gives her the paycheck and she plans everything. Oh, don’t spend all of it. Well, you would hope I don’t yeah so number four again, I’m sorry Lee! I can’t help it really. I can’t help it understand how little or how often one or both of you are going to be able to see your family. It can be hard to visit your parents, even when you live in the same country, but living abroad makes this even harder, and you know how we said earlier. You got to talk about finances. You need to make sure that you’re financially able to commit to being able to see family members. So we visit my family once a year. We either go to America to visit my grandparents and siblings, or we go to Ghana to visit my family and international travel is not cheap. It’S several thousand dollars a year and we have to be putting aside money every month for that, because that’s something that we’ve made a commitment to yeah, but that first year after we got married, we were broken li weds. So I went back to America by myself for Thanksgiving to see my parents in microphone II dunno, but we were, we didn’t, have enough money /. I couldn’t take time or work because we didn’t necessarily have enough money, but so far it’s only been that one year and every year after that, we have both been able to so yeah yeah excess and now Ghana, no Japan. It can be hard only the other family once a year, and I did another video about that that you can click somewhere in here for and last but not least, recognized home court advantage which likes sports. You know home team and obey you can perform better and your home does. He know the turf better and people cheer you yeah yeah, yeah yeah, exactly ah so, when it’s your home country, it’s easier for you to get a job. Make friends reserve things online plan. Your trip talk to people the home court advantage, it exists and just recognize it exists and talk about it and check up on your partner every once in a while and make sure that they’re doing okay um playing outside of their home court. Ah one time I was planning a trip for us in America, I was making reservation and then halfway there I mess it up. Somehow I needed to make a phone call and then I was talking to your home phone, but this person has really heavy in some accent. Hmm, it was hard for me to understand. So I asked for you to talk to the person and then it was kind of like I wish I could have done it like feeling. Oh man, this is cool because I wanted to trying to impress your girlfriend exactly, and I mean there’s some times when I have to do trips or when I’m planning a trip, and I need to make the reservation in Japanese and it’s really hard. So, for the most part rumor in America, I do most the planning reserving finding apartments things like that and when we’re in Japan, you do it, because it’s just easier when it’s your layers, units your culture and those are five more things that you should talk about Before marrying a foreigner, hmm um, there were a ton of really great comments in the first video about you guys advice, that’s right! Thank you! So much so. Please also put more advice in this comment section and we’re gon na take the comments that we think are the best advice, because you guys know Sami this video and we’re gon na make a third video of things I think about before marrying a foreigner yay for The night for me, you are three, so let’s get some advice in the comments. Yes, please help us out. If you like these videos, please subscribe. We put in videos first week because the more subscribers we get the shorter hair. I get it yeah alright into watching bye. Bye, please subscribe, so I can have shorter hair two goals go for international and marriage, each one with the camera love you bye guys. So then didn’t do. I do this means fight, so it means kids have to go home yeah. I know much all I know much all this is one of the problems with the you editing is every time noise. It’S the background. You’Re like well got ta, stop knocking now didn’t Benson walls, doors be impressed. That’S the rice paper over there that we haven’t poked holes in it. Even though I really want to yeah yeah, we can’t leave out the belly yeah. I often get that action. Good, doesn’t even surprise me yeah, it’s! It feels good doing watching. Oh yeah, I just couldn’t stop

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