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Age Differences

Practical Guide: Age Differences

Age differences and the part it plays in marriage can certainly be used in a purient manner. It can emotionally unravel married couples more than it looks like it should from a spiritual angle.

Men may try to find a young mail order bride for any number of reasons. Vanity. The feel of solid female flesh. But most often it’s a matter of recognition. Foreign brides respect love and support without a “what have you done for me lately” mindset.

Mail Order Brides (MOBs*) often look for a more senior partner who provides security, support, and guidance that she possibly lacked in her own family.

May-December Romance
A May-December Romance is an instance of the romantic involvement of two parties between whom there is a considerable age difference, often because one individual has an ulterior motive, such as money, status, etc.

The reasoning behind this designation is that while one person is young and in the “Spring” of his or her life (thus, “May”), the other is in “Winter” (ergo, “December”).

Young men tend to have restricted romantic skills. Let’s face it. For the most part, the ideal woman was naked and horizontal.

An IBM* appreciates a woman’s beauty, he has good manners, he recognizes her need for attention and care, and he can speak the words she wants to hear. He listens to her, to make her desires come true and to fulfill her needs.

International marriages between people with major age differences do happen.  And why not, after all?

It’s interesting that many men are willing to give their money away. It seems that they lose their wits while simply being with a young, beautiful woman.

It’s a wholly different story when men fully understand exactly what these girls really want, accept it, and play along. They want to have a young Russian wife or girlfriend, and they are eager to pay for it because they are unable to get what they want at home.

Usually the man who can influence a woman 25 years his junior to marry him will be relatively rich or, at the very least, extremely charismatic (a former senator or a leader of a motorcycle gang, for example). Rich and famous is best. Younger women are easily seduced by the lifestyle.

You have to know your own desires, and the culture of your potential bride.

Years ago when I was a Vice Consul in Manila, I approved visas for a 17 year old with a 76 year old husband, and a 25 year old woman with an 82 year old man. Both were solid marriages. The 25 year old had children with her husband.

She can prove to be a good person and end up being a truly superb wife for this wealthy man. With time, she may even fall in love with her older husband. That being said, this doesn’t happen on a regular basis, so men ought to be cautious.

The age differences aren’t as major of a problem when the couple is younger. It’s astounding how young love can seem to conquer all. But at some point in life when the couple gets steadily older it turns into more of a problem. That is because the older spouse in due course gets into health and energy issues that the younger spouse finds too troublesome to deal with in their own stage in life.

My views on age differences around the world:

The quantity and top quality of young and lovely brides in Russia and Ukraine often creates confusion in the minds of men from Western countries.

That said, as an IBM*, I wouldn’t trust a young “Russian” woman as far as I can spit. 

If you are not a client of a dating or marriage agency that checks women and takes responsibility for both parties, it won’t hurt to ask your potential wife or girlfriend to send you her scanned passport pages. A clean family status page signifies that she is not married. Two stamps mean she’s been married and divorced.

The mail order bride websites in the Ukraine are a cesspool of scams developed to lure men into their web and drain their bank accounts. 

European women tend to be more mature than Western women of the same age. Many Russian women already have established careers by the age of 24 due to the way the academic system is set up. This maturity is apparent in romantic relationships as well.

You have to make your own choice.

As to women in Southeast Asia, go as young as you want. I’m not sure I would want to date or marry any woman in Vietnam, Thailand, or the Philippines over the age of 30. You can wager that women from these countries will want to become mothers if they do not have children presently.

Latinas are acknowledged to be faithful and committed wives. The divorce rate is low. And these women tend to live at home until they marry.

Appearances count. An age difference of 10 – 15 years is not a problem.

Many Eastern European and Asian women looking for older men have been married once before to a man near their age who was immature and irresponsible.

Chinese women have a ton of rules. They marry young (early 20s) to slightly older men. If a woman goes for career or academic success, she might find herself in her late 30s with no suitable marriage prospects. Terrible for her. Good for Western men.

Men who marry women 25 years younger are positive and exciting to be with. They are not tyrants or complainers They are dynamic, solid, and flexible. They take criticism, seek guidance and make modifications, which can help them to attain their goals. They are daring and goal oriented, and this is why they have been able to achieve so much in their lives.

If you do pursue a relationship with a woman 20 years younger, make sure you understand the potential complications. The most important characteristics of a happy long-term relationship are a comparable outlook, respect, and reciprocal caring.

You need to also have quite a bit of skill in the bedroom, and be able to guarantee gratification to your younger partner. Rumor has it that 90% of men have no idea how female sexuality operates, and are pretty dreadful lovers. Ability learned over time can seal the deal.

Age differences can muck up visa interviews. Be prepared to fight.

Bottom line: Because of the effect of today’s world on marriages, I would greatly caution any couple that is considering marriage (where there is a large age gap).

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