IBMs* and MOBs*

MOH Prep

Prepping to Be a Mail Order Husband

If you think you would like to find a foreign bride, or at least a stunning female partner, you need to do some research online, and then get on a plane.  There is no need to rush the process.  Thousands of potential brides populate the planet, and it’s a buyer’s market.  

For IBMs*, you are the mail order bride industry rock stars.  I live in Florida.  Here, any man who can drive after dark is the George Clooney of Century Village.  Among men who pursue international marriage, courting women over 40 will do the same for you internationally.

Go to my Pinterest boards and take a look at women in age groups from 39 to 54.  At age 66, I think my sweet spot is women 45 to 55.  Think women that age are not appealing?  Maybe you’ve never heard of Jennifer Aniston (49) or Sofia Vergara (46).  You will find women from China to the Ukraine who believe that your old ass is a good catch.

sofia vergadra

If you can find Sofia quality women abroad (she’s from Colombia), why would you put up with bullshit in America?

We all remember a Harvard study on the chances of 40+ women getting remarried:

In 1986 an article on Newsweek created ripples across American society when it reported that that a single, college-educated 40-year-old woman was more likely to die in a terrorist attack than ever walk down the aisle. While such a sweeping statement may seem outdated today, other realities like higher life expectancy of women vis-à-vis men and comparatively fewer number of single men in the forty-plus age group remain, all of which contribute to the notion that older women find it increasingly difficult to get a life partner. But what is the reality behind this perception and what are the odds of women getting married after forty? –

The study was flawed, but you get the idea.  And many mail order bride wannabes live in places where terrorists could be real.  

For women over 40 around the world, they will have no shortage of offers for dick.  Same as the U.S.  What they long for is love and respect and marriage.

In Asia, women over 40 – especially if divorced or with children – have little to no chance of getting married again.  Almost none.  Cultural norms forbid it.  You can see how this might happen in places where the average lifespan is much longer than earlier generations hampered by poor nutrition and frequent wars.

Let’s look at the male side.  We’re men.  We fall in love with our eyes.  If she doesn’t turn us on physically, we need a six pack and a real dark room.  Women are much more complicated.

And that’s the problem.  Men go on Romance Tours with A Foreign Affair and are thrust into a room with hundreds of beautiful, single women who think they are a catch.  Most of these women are in their 20s and 30s.  In your entire lifetime, you have never been exposed to this many women who want to know you.

Most will waste their time and money on 25 year olds that will milk them like a cash cow.  If all you need is sex with a young woman, go to Bangkok.  The sex will be better, and it will cost you far less time and money and agony.

They Don’t Call It Bangkok For Nothing

For some older men, Thailand or the Philippines just might be the best place to retire.  Don’t bother with getting married.  Hire a maid and a cook, and go out for female delight.

If you are looking for a woman to bring home to the U.S., and you have more money than time, you can look to the international dating and marriage sites of which there are hundreds.  Pick a country you like.  Pick a city you like.  Write letters.  Visit.

(Only 3% of men who write letters ever get on  a plane.)

The women are beautiful, but who really believes when Natasha says she loves your old saggy ass after 3 letters – that you paid for.  Sure.  Maybe she’s really the Easter Bunny.  More likely, you are getting letters from Boris.

Letter writing is a huge waste of time.  The mail order bride sites are good for one thing – seeing what is available in each country, what ages appeal to you, and then contacting a number of women just before you visit their city.  Letters will drain your bank account and not get you any closer to the woman of your dreams.

Even men afraid of being scammed continue to drain their bank accounts.  I have a sure fire way to prevent being scammed:

Now, some men are happy spending thousands of dollars on a fantasy relationship.  I once knew a private investigator in Boca Raton who ran a “dating” agency between American men and women in prison.  This was pre-internet days, so his office was filled with letters and photos of women in prison, and from men who paid for contact information.

I asked him who would want to “date” or create a relationship with a woman in prison.  He told me a number of guys like talking and writing letters, and knowing where the woman was at night.  Tells you a lot about their past relationships.

It also tells me why letter writing is useless for the serious IBM*.  A letter will not tell you about chemistry.  She might be dull as dirt or smell like it.  She might have gained 30 pounds since those old pictures she posted online.  She might look perfect, but she has no real interest in you.  

All the Internet can do is get you into the right dating pool.  That means age, height, weight, beauty, educational and occupational background, whether she has or wants children, and if she is willing to relocate.

For IBMs*, I think men willing to relocate to her country will be the wave of the future for a number of reasons.

1. Many IBMs* are retired, or near retirement.  We all have bucket lists of places to go and things to do.  Whether you get married or not, thousands of beautiful women will accept your invitation to travel.  Sex along with the ride is a given.  And of course, you would never invite her to travel unless she has already proven herself between the sheets.  Marriage is optional.

2. If you express an interest in living in or moving to her country, you eliminate green card whores from your life.  So many people will tell you the only reason a beautiful young woman is interested in your sorry ass is your wallet and residence in the U.S.  If she is willing to bring you into her home, she loves you for you.

3. Staying in her country before jumping the broom can save you from mental pain and financial agony.  In her country, you can find out more about who she is, and whether she is right for you.  Have you met her friends?  Is she proud to show you off or does she hide the relationship from others?  Is she easy to wake up with in the morning?  Are her kids a joy or a living hell?  Inquiring minds want to know.

4. You can avoid the fiance visa route.  If you are a U.S. citizen, most marriage agencies recommend the fiance visa.  This gives the woman 90 days in the U.S. for the marriage to take place.  If she is the right woman, you can simply get married abroad.  When you do a fiance visa, and then the immigrant visa, you go through the paperwork twice.  

5. And really, weddings are for women.  For men, a courthouse justice of the peace is good enough.  Let her decide what she wants to do and how fancy the wedding should be.  She will have her friends and family available to do the heavy lifting.  All you need to do is plan a fantastic honeymoon to Paris or Fiji, and leave the guests behind.

6. If you are not ready to tie the knot, or if she is not certain, you have time to see if living together would be a better option.  It helps to see how she handles money and a household budget even if you take over paying.  Chinese and Vietnamese women may be the best in the world about running a household “behind the wall”.

7. If you are married, she can apply for an immigrant visa without the fiance visa hassle.  Normally, a new immigrant gets a Conditional Resident card, but if you have been married for over two years, it can be a permanent visa from the beginning.

8. If you are able to get the equivalent of a green card in her country, the tax savings are immense.

If you are a U.S. citizen or a resident alien of the United States and you live abroad, you are taxed on your worldwide income. However, you may qualify to exclude from income up to an amount of your foreign earnings that is adjusted annually for inflation ($92,900 for 2011, $95,100 for 2012, $97,600 for 2013, $99,200 for 2014 and $100,800 for 2015). In addition, you can exclude or deduct certain foreign housing amounts.

9. When you take that young wife home, especially if she is really young from SE Asia, you are treated like an old fool soon to be separated from his money.  In a place like the Philippines, you are treated like a lottery jackpot.

10. This is a different world.  Old school ideas about marriage are disintegrating rapidly, and the Internet erases borders.  Do it your way.  Know the risks, but create the life you want.  You only get one.