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Age Differences – Western Men and Mail Order Brides

Age difference between husbands and wives has long been a question of interest. Research on age difference in couples suggests a desired gap for men and women around 13-14 years.

Men may try to find a young international bride for any number of reasons. Vanity. The feel of firm female flesh. But most often it’s a matter of respect. Foreign brides appreciate love and support without a “what have you done for me lately” mindset.

Mail Order Brides (MOBs) many times look for a more mature partner who provides security, support, and guidance that she possibly lacked at home.

A man who is older than his younger partner treats her with warmth and reverence, unlike the men of her own age.

As men get older, we are aware that good sex gets old, and we require more from a mate. We actually start to listen to her, and look for common ground without being overly possessive and controlling.

International marriages between people with major age differences do happen. I see it as a deal. And why not, after all?

Poor, determined young women often marry older guys. A man receives a young beautiful woman in exchange for his money. The woman is not suffering; her life improves incedibly, she doesn’t have to concern yourself about survival anymore.

Many people believe age is just a number while others have doubts about lasting success in a relationship with a much younger woman.

At age 66, there’s no way a Ukrainian teenager is interested in me, unless something is genuinely wrong with her. Then again, a Filipina, or young woman from Vietnam, could be deadly serious.

It’s been confirmed that people from different countries not only can meet online, but also fall in love deeply and genuinely, and sustain this love for many years. It is not where you live but how well you interact. The will to make it work.

I have noticed a few wonderful marriages where the large age gap worked out fine. They have remarkably good marriages. But I’ve seen more where they end up calamitous. That’s why I would counsel couples to be very sure that they’re considering marriage for more reasons than the emotional rush.

Is there an optimum age difference? Could we live a long and happy life together despite our age difference? Will a younger wife remain faithful? What will family and friends have to say about our romantic relationship? Can this work at all?

Research suggests that the ideal gap in relationships is 4.4 years, and divorced people tend to have a larger disparity in subsequent marriages.

My views on age differences around the world:

The quantity and top quality of young and lovely brides in Russia and Ukraine often times creates trouble in the heads of men from Western countries.

That said, I wouldn’t trust a young “Russian” woman as far as I can spit.

When age differences are too significant, it is obvious that the relationship will not last very long. It usually fulfills some transitory psychological need. Under these circumstances, the duration of such relationships is normally very low. For obvious reasons, a 50 years old man in a relationship with a young girl in her twenties cannot keep up for long. The difference in lifestyle or biological rhythm will do its destructive work over the years.

Sadly, going to a dating agency doesn’t always assure you that you’ll meet a woman who actually wants to create a family. Many agencies out there are scammers working with the women who are out there to cheat you. This is why you ought to be cautious when considering an agency.

Typical age differences in the Ukraine would run about 5 – 10 years. I would feel comfortable going 20 years younger. I have a usual male ego that says no 40 year old woman is too young for me.

Research says that many people have had relations with someone much older or younger in the course of their lives. Commonly, for most people it remains short-lived.

The mean age difference between husbands and wives is much bigger in South Asia than in East and Southeast Asia. The biggest age gap is in Bangladesh and The Philippines. The wider age gap in Southeast Asian countries reflects the prevalence of arranged marriages and patriarchal family structures, which generally result in females marrying at young ages to older males who can financially support a family.

As a whole, Latin American women are faithful, loyal, and devoted wives, which is why Latin countries have the lowest divorce rates in the world. For Latin American women the world revolves around the family. They tend to live with their birth family until they marry, then continue the tradition with their new family.

Appearances count. An age difference of 10 – 15 years is not a problem.

Many Eastern European and Asian women looking for older men have been married once before to a man near their age who was immature and irresponsible.

In China, you can find “Leftover Ladies” in their late 30s or divorcees in their 40s that look years younger and who make fantastic wives. They have great problems with finding appropriate matches at home.

Their confidence often comes from the place of professional excellence rather than just money alone (money is the by-product of their expert brilliance). Men who marry younger women are experts in their fields.

Uncovering common ground is a good way to offset the effects of a big age difference. Shared interests and hobbies can help keep the relationship stimulating and fresh.

If you search for a relationship with a much younger woman, make sure you want it for the proper reasons. It’s not uncommon for an older divorced or widowed man to seek out a much younger woman. He may be seeking reassurance that he has not lost his sexual attraction.

You do have to take into consideration your home country’s immigration policies if you have a sizable age gap. It would be a shame to waste your time, your money, and start a visa process, to be denied at the end because you ignored this aspect.

Bottom line: We live in a world where divorce is starting to be a typical way for couples to resolve differences. For that reason we have to be all the more cautious when getting into into marriage.

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