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Ukraine Dating & Marriage Agencies – The Truth

This video by Rich Cooper gives you some idea of some of the scams in the Ukraine regarding foreign brides.

My problem with this video is that he doesn’t go far enough to warn guys to stay the hell away if they don’t know what they’re doing.

After the lockdowns and travel restriction restrictions are lifted, men may consider finding a woman in the Ukraine if they plan to live there.

If you bring her to the US, she will lose all the charm she had when you met her as soon as the plane touches down.

What’S up my brothers from another mother, we got a sponsored request, video today from a gentleman that wants to offer some experience uh from his trip to ukraine, odessa trying to find a woman, slash wife. I’Ve talked about this in my channel the past, so i’m going to add my insight towards the end, but i want to share his experience before we hop into it. Let me just quickly show this beautiful shelving system i just put up: we’ve got our make women great again hat and, of course, the channel sponsor the tactical soap company, there’s a link pinned in the description of all the videos for a 10 off coupon code. If you use cooper on checkout, let’s hop straight into it, so we’ve got this um guy that sent me all of his information he’s originally well he’s from new zealand. He said it was a scam. Did it through this uh ukraine, uh bride company or bride agency. Uh he posts a link to his complaint online, so i’ll skip that, let’s just read what his experience was. So hopefully you guys can get some insight and i’ll talk about um opinion on this towards the end, this is more of a share. It’S not specifically a question, so if you guys have any experiences yourself uh, please feel free to comment in the video as well to share whatever knowledge you might have helps other guys avoid these sorts of dilemmas. Anyway, goes i traveled to odessa to meet a woman. He’S been correspondent with for about eight months uh. She knew five months in advance. I was coming in her letters and gave the impression she could not wait to meet me uh. That’S that’s pretty much par for the course. That’S what you’re gon na get um when i arrived in odessa, the agency appointed a woman by the name of tatiana as a translator, so he’s going to ukraine to meet a woman that doesn’t doesn’t sound like she speaks english or much of english whatsoever. So they have to appoint a translator for this trip. So it’s almost like you’re, i don’t know it’s uh. It gets a little weird, but let’s keep going uh, so she would be at the first meeting with his girl, uh natalya, simple desire, i’m not sure what that means. Uh i allocated 12 days to meet and court her, and this includes so 12. So the guy books, 12 days out of his life, to fly to to the ukraine to meet a woman that doesn’t speak english, so they need a translator. Let’S see how this goes to quarter for basically 12 days, and this includes two weekends as to give her free time to be with me, so he’s expecting two weekends with her uh. The first dinner was at a notorious caesars ripoff restaurant, where i was informed. Natalia’S mother was in hospital in kiev and she may have to travel there. We went to three more restaurants over the next four days, including a selfie restaurant. What the hell is that um, where i was stung for a 360 dollar plate of sake sushi, i’m guessing. That’S supposed to be sushi. Let me just quickly look up selfie restaurant. I don’t know so. There’S listings here for trip advisor for selfie, odessa, restaurant. I don’t know why the hell you’d go to a restaurant named self. It’S rated terrible tourist trap cafe. Selfie is a scam place, stay away, do not accept dates. Here, overcharge give commission on dating girls. Ah there it is right there. I suspected that all right – let’s go back to this guy’s email anyway, so he gets dragged into a restaurant where they over charge and obviously the girl gets a commission to bring you there to go to the restaurant. So the translator tatiana was always there natalia, and i never dated one on one, even though it is her town, she then disappeared for four days allegedly to visit her mother in kiev. I agreed to travel there with her. I don’t know why you’d be doing all this stuff man to begin with anyway i’ll i’ll kind of talk about that towards the end. Uh we meet for one more meal and another rip-off restaurant, and i try again to get natalia to arrange me to meet one-on-one on sunday. She agrees the next day, tatiana called to say she was unavailable. In conclusion, i was a victim of the usual ukraine: bride scam, the letter scam. We did not do anything, we wrote about the translator, scam, you sit beside a pretty girl as long as you pay the restaurant scam kickbacks to the waiter staff and the girls. This is good. I mean this guy’s telling you exactly what to expect with these dating slash bride agencies in these foreign countries. Where guys have these hopes that they’re gon na find their uh perfect uninfected by feminism woman, i did write. A letter of complaint to the office was basically fobbed off apparently the whole natalia’s mother’s radical records as proof she was ill. I don’t know why you’d even bother with that. To be honest with you, a guy returns to new zealand, contacted the police to give them a statement of fraud, squad detective visa statement, um, okay, my daughter’s okay well, and then he kind of gets into some feedback. So um here’s the deal guys. I’Ve talked about importing women from foreign countries or going to foreign countries um to find somebody to wife up because you can’t find them in your own country. I understand that most western cultures – north america – you know the states, canada, great britain, you know english-speaking countries, australia, new zealand and such feminism has infected the culture in such a way that i get that guys. Uh seek this hope to find the one in some foreign place that hasn’t been infected, where women are still feminine, that you know they still do their nails they put on makeup when they go out, they keep their hair long um. You know they dress up and and and they play the feminine role, whereas uh in some western places you find that women don’t meet that um. You know uh requirement for the optics, for example, where they’re fit. You know you get obese women, you get heavily tattooed women with purple hair and it’s cut short um. I get it. I get it um, but the solution that these guys are seeking. I get the problem and i agree with the problem. I don’t agree with the solution of going to some foreign place um to try to um rescue some beautiful feminine woman who’s, hopefully going to come back with you to your shitty feminized western western country uh. What will end up happening is she will eventually take on the culture where you live um, it’s inevitable. A lot of guys have talked about this. It’S just not a good use of time, and is this guy’s experience as he’s sharing, and i thank you for sponsoring the video to share your own personal story. As he’s sharing himself, it’s a shitty deal you’re going to fly somewhere with the expectation you’re going to meet somebody, that’s attractive, who’s, going to fall in love with you and want to come back with you to your home country. What usually ends up happening? That’S the expectation. What usually ends up happening is you go somewhere uh? It’S not a good match simply because these guys are seeking younger women, hoping that they’ve got the capacity uh to attract them. They still have the sexual marketplace value to attract them, but but, like things don’t change, it doesn’t matter if you leave your western developed country for a eastern bloc, uh country, where they’ve got gorgeous women in ukraine and hungary and all that sort of stuff uh and You show up you’re, not like your sexual marketplace. Value is not gon na go from a six to a ten just because you’re western um you’re gon na have a slight advantage, but you’re not gon na go from a six to a ten. If you’re, a six where you live, you’re, pretty much gon na be viewed as like a 6.5, maybe a seven. You might get like a half point boost value going there but uh if she’s a 10 like a smoking hot 10, and you show up as a six hypergamy, doesn’t care hypergamy i’ll pronounce it both ways for those of you that, like to criticize me hypergamy, does Not seek its own level, it always wants to marry date up. So you may show up as an older gentleman. Maybe you’re seasoned you’ve got some gray in your beard or in your hair. If you have some left, if you look like me, you can shave it, but you show up expecting that these girls are going to fall head over heels in love with you, because you come from a western place and have the ability to provision a little bit More than what they got where they’re at uh-uh they’re scammers as this guy experience for the most part, they are scammers. I have not met a single person that has told me: they’ve had a good experience, trying to wife up or date, some woman from a eastern bloc, world or asian country like the philippines or thailand, or something like that. They’Re all horror stories – and i really don’t know why guys don’t pay attention to these horror stories um. All you have to do is google, the company name uh or the website that you know that you’re looking for and then put reviews after it. So if it’s ukraine brides put reviews or ukraine brides complaints, you’re going to thailand same thing, thailand brides after that put complaints or reviews you’ll find out what guys experiences are like. If somebody doesn’t have a good experience with something they’re going to share it, you will find it on the internet. It will be available. It will come to you if you search for it, but uh guys are masters of complicating their lives and then justifying why they do it they get sold part of it is they get marketed some idea or picture, maybe they’re scrolling through the internet and there’s a Gorgeous picture of a hot russian chick and it says, get your hot russian wife here they love western men, fill out this form now and you think okay i’ll, try that and she starts talking to you and you write some letters back and forth. Maybe you have a video call and she says three words in english and she goes and says i love you right. Well, you’ve been sold a bill of sale, that is a load of horseshit, and this is typically what happens. Uh the exception would be. Somebody has a great experience and i would imagine that might happen if you’re handsome and successful and she’s allowed to optimize her hypergamy. When she meets you, then she might be willing to come back. But of course, you’re, probably gon na have to deal with her family coming in tow at some point or her mother coming in tow and uh rest assured her behavior and the honeymoon phase will change dramatically once she spent some time in your western world and gets Used to the culture, quite often you can go to netflix i’ve seen specials on this before or documentaries where they follow guys around from the uk that go to thailand or the philippines to find these wives, and these, like these guys, are like they’re out of shape. They’Re obese they’re, old, um, they’re, not they’re, not very attractive. You know, if i’m being honest and their level of success, is over inflated like these guys are letter carriers or they might work um. You know a council job um, you know for the british government. So it’s not like they’re wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, they’re, not bankers, um. You know guys that are bankers that work in london are are getting swarmed by international models that are attractive and they don’t have to pay for their time um. But these are guys that are they’re going there with a hope to find these wives and what they end up finding. Is they end up finding somebody? That’S like a couple of smv points ahead of them. If they’re a five, they might find like a six or seven uh. I’Ve like i’ve, seen these women on on this netflix special and like they’re, not even worth your time. They’Re they’re not attractive um, and then they have to end up paying for the family. So she’ll agree to come back and he has to end up paying for the family. So it’s a similar. You know sort of situation. This chick scammed him. She took him to a restaurant where she got a cut of the commission. Uh from the selfie restaurant paid. A [ __ ] ton of money for stuff that probably that sounds like it really wasn’t worth it based on the trip advisor review and that’s what you get guys. Don’T waste your time. Traveling to these third world countries to wife up women go there and enjoy yourself as a tourist or as a guest uh. There’S lots of books that i think roosh wrote on uh dating or if you want to go on like sexual escapades. In some of these countries that uh, you know, there’s all kinds of advice and and stories that are that are shared there from these uh. What do they call them? They call them destination, traveled, uh, puas, or something like that. I don’t know what they’re called, but you can find um the information out there, but don’t but don’t pay for some dating agency to put you in contact with some. You know good-looking woman in a european country, eastern bloc, former eastern bloc. You know, for example, and then you fly out there and you throw money at them uh. He didn’t talk about it specifically, but i imagine um. There was some correspondence back and forth about her mother being in the hospital and she needing some money for an operation. Um that that would have been the next logical step and if she didn’t ask for it at that point, she might have proceeded to ask for it at a later date, so i don’t know guys um. This is never a good idea. This is just one story. This is one experience, so i want to thank, i think his name is rob um for sponsoring this video and sharing his own personal experience. That’S my feedback. I hope that makes sense and it offers some insight guys if you’ve experienced this in the past yourself leave a comment below to share what your story is, but it’s just bonkers that guys still do this um i’ll put a card up in the top right of Another video that i did talking about this – i think there was a guy that was asking about wifing somebody up in venezuela. So i’ll dig up that older video to add that feedback too, but there you have it guys. If you want to do this sort of thing and sponsor video topic, uh just go to forward, slash request and you can sponsor video topic there and i’ll record it. If you want it private i’ll, just send it to you directly. If you want it public, it’s great way to throw it on the channel and uh get some public feedback from these guys uh. He said something at the bottom here i wanted to read real real, quick uh, it’s turning into a [ __, ] fight for him dealing with the police and the company he’s obviously making a complaint uh. Please accept the money simply as a donation for the times. I’Ve viewed your channel uh, not gon na do an interview. I think that that uh pretty much covers it all. Okay, thanks for watching today’s video see you guys later peace, you

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