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Why Are Ukrainian Women Easier To Date?

So uh fred is saying, would you say dating and flirting with foreign women is easier, or more difficult than doing the same thing with American? Ladies whoothat is an amazing question. Fred. I like that you know. What’S really interesting about this fredis that i don’t know if it’s well there’s so many different layers to that question, so many different ways we can answer that, but first of all think about it.

This way, when you go into asocial event, let’s just talk about the social for now, but not even the one-on-one dating that you’re going to be doing, but even at the social you’rein, a room with a bunch of women who have told us at least that they want to meet Someone for a serious relationship in marriage and the men have told us at least that they want to meet someone for a serious relationship in marriage. So when you put a population of men and women together, like that and, you stir the pot amazing things happen and it makes it so much easier. I think to talk to these women, because it’s not like approaching them in some bar or some you know other venue where you don’t know anything about them at all. You don’t know, you know what their disposition is. You don’t know you’re, just kind of going up cold like hey baby.

What’s happening, you know that kind of thing that’s really bad right. Oh it’s a good thing. I’M married i’d never get a date all right, but anyways but. When you’re in this situation, you have a matchmaker at your side that was assigned to you at the very beginning, right she’s there she’s, going with you from table to table ands he’s helping you to meet these women who are there to meet you. I mean how much easier doesi t get so in that sense.

Yes, it’s a lot easier then you throw in the different culture and thef act that these women are very interested in you because you’re from a different culture. Becausey ou breathe things from that culture that they’re interested in oh john. What’s that well, what that is, i’m glad you asked, what that is! Is things like treating the women more on an equal playing field being more respectful of them being monogamous in a relationship yeah monogamous, that’s a big thing to them and guess what in a lot of places we, go to um? That’s a problem.

Many of the men it’s almost expected that they have affairs and things like that um, you know so when you put all these things together and even the prospect of maybe a better economic life from where they are, if you put all those things together, these women want to meet you because you’re From a different country because they’re looking for someone and so yes whether, it’s at a social, whether it’s our staff calling up and doing one-on-one um individual introductions, for you makes a big difference and. It makes it a lot easier. It is you will know it is like night and day and if any of you guys are on this call right now that have been on the tours with me. If you want to say something here i’ll read it that you could help kind of confirm or add to what i’m saying about this but. That was a great question fred, because you don’t hear that too much so yeah.

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