IBMs* and MOBs*

*Introvert Boomer Males and *Mail Order Brides Together Again

IBMs* and MOBs*

Why Consider MOBs*

mail order brides

Let’s look at why you might want to consider a “mail order bride” at at this stage of life:

  1. you can search through hundreds of thousands of potential brides that god knows why think you are a catch
  2. learning about her culture keeps your brain stimulated and young
  3. all of the women you meet have an interest in finding a husband
  4. using online profiles and photos, you can eliminate all women not right for you
  5. at the same time, you can see if you are what she is looking for
  6. more choice than you can choose from than in a lifetime of bars and church socials
  7. only one opinion about your bride matters – yours
  8. depending on the country, she will likely be 10~25 years younger

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